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Statement of Purpose

The Rensselaer Electric Vehicle Team exists to educate Members in the principles of applicable protocols, technical expertise, and professionalism.

Our Team

REV is a student-run club dedicated to building 100% electric vehicles. So far we've made 3 of them: Photon, Tachyon, and Testa. We compete with these cars in competitions like Shell Eco-Marathon, where our cars are evaluated for efficiency, design, and other characteristics.

Our team is organized into three subsystems:

Drivetrain designs and builds the mechanical systems of the cars: steering, braking, and propulsion. Most of their hands-on work is done in-house at RPI.
Electronics designs and implements many of the electrical systems of the car, including the battery managements systems and motor controllers.
Body-Chassis designs the car's frameworks and construction, including the metal chassis, the seat, and the rigid outer body.

Please contact us to learn more about REV!