The Team

Our Team in 2015
REV consists of about 30 full members. We have 3 elected officer positions as well as 3 system lead positions and 3 assistant lead positions.


  • President

    President: Jeremy Bornstein

    Jeremy is a sophomore Electrical Engineer at RPI. He is from Wading River, New York and has been part of REV since the fall of 2015. He has spent time as a member of the Electronics System, and is still unsure what he wants to do in life, so he’s seeing where his life takes him. He loves science fiction and fantasy, and just wants to keep on experiencing new things.

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  • Vice President

    Vice President: Alex Pedersen

    Alex is an electrical engineering major at RPI.

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  • Project Manager

    Project Manager: Jamie Smith

    Jamie Smith is an Electrical and Computer Systems Engineer in the class of 2018. He grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY and found his spark in engineering from a young age in his father (also an engineer). He then found his passion in electrical engineering after taking an electronics class and joining the FIRST robotics team at his high school. Jamie joined REV in the fall of 2014 after meeting the club members during their Navigating Rensselaer and Beyond program. Throughout his current time on REV, he has learned a lot about working on an engineering team and learning about the electronics systems that go into designing a battery-powered electric vehicle.

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Mechanical System

  • Drivetrain Lead

    Mechanical System Lead: Greg Berube

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  • Body-Chassis Lead

    Mechanical System Lead: Morgan Locandro

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  • Body-Chassis Assistant Lead

    Mechanical System Assistant Lead: Mark Berquist

    Mark is a mechanical engineering co-terminal student. He is from Buffalo, New York, and enjoys the cold weather. He joined REV in the fall of 2014 and has enjoyed every minute of it. Mark initially joined REV because he thinks cars are pretty sweet and working on a team of engineers is really amazing. Mark really enjoys playing card games, playing string bass, skiing, volleyball, soccer, Frisbee, and LIFTING.

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Electrical System

  • Electronics Lead

    Electronics System Lead: Shu-Nong Wu

    Shu-Nong is an electrical engineer at RPI.

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  • Electronics Assistant Lead

    Electronics System Assistant Lead: Yichuan Wang

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Drivetrain Assistant Lead

Webmaster: Ethan Rambacher

I am a computer systems and electrical engineering student at RPI set to graduate in the winter of 2018. I am from Littleton, Massachusetts, where I graduated valedictorian from Littleton High School. I love electric cars and think that they will play an important part in the future of transportation, and I like being on a team that contributes towards that future/. In addition to REV, I enjoy playing tuba and trumpet, doing photography, and running.

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